Stress Management - Learn How to Relax & Feel in Control


This one-day course provides deep insights and understandings into what triggers your stress and what you can do to deal with and manage it effectively. If you find yourself feeling under pressure or overwhelmed at times, this course is a ‘must-do’. Whether it’s personal or work-related, stress is normal and inevitable in life. It’s essential to manage stress effectively to prevent it from taking a toll on your health and well-being.

Topics Covered

  • The fundamental physiological processes that assist in adapting to stress
  • Ascertain your individual stress signature
  • Recognise and understand avoidance strategies and the damage they can cause
  • Four known ways to reduce your susceptibility to stress and enhance your resilience
  • Ways to minimise concerns and the symptoms of anxiety
  • Understand self-soothing and how to reverse physiological stress responses
  • Self-compassion practices and additional mindfulness strategies
  • Create your individual stress-buster plan

Suitable for?

  • CEOs and Senior Executives
  • Team leaders and Managers
  • Administrative support staff
  • Client service workers
  • Any individual who feels stressed or overwhelmed


  • Strong understanding of physiological processes that assist in adapting to stress
  • Deep insights into your individual stress signature
  • Practical skills on self-soothing and reverse physiological stress responses
  • Personalised stress-buster plan

In-house Courses

If you prefer, we can conduct any of courses specifically for your staff at your premises. This may prove to be cost-effective and, of course, we can tailor our programs to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and participants. You can read more here


Pat Stanley Facilitator
Pat Stanley – QLD & NSW Facilitator

For over 17 years, Pat has worked as a national training facilitator, bringing over 30 years of diverse experience, expertise, knowledge and insights. Her studies in psychology, human behaviour and mediation and leadership have underpinned her success, and she is passionate about passing on her knowledge to others.

Her experience has included working with people and teams in the not-for-profit, commercial and public sectors throughout Australia and beyond. Pat is widely acknowledged as a passionate facilitator who always delivers informative, interesting, enjoyable and relatable courses.

Lisa Engel
Lisa Engel – VIC Facilitator

Lisa Engel is a nation-wide registered Health Psychologist dedicated to providing psychological services that support people to be their best selves, living a life that is aligned to their heartfelt values. For the majority of her career, Lisa’s work has been to assist people to improve their health, and as a Health Psychologist, believes that a healthy mind is just as essential to wellness as an optimally functioning body.

Her areas of specialisation include counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, mindfulness training and stress management.

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Stress Management Course - Pathways Human Resources
54 %
of attendees rated their course experience 5/5


“Very informative, great structure and excellent trainer who know her content. Pat is very knowledgeable and kept it interesting and flowing. Will be sending more staff along.” Kenna French, Breezway


“Informative. Great tools that can be applied to work and home life. I feel I have leant new techniques to help deal with stress. Pat is knowledgeable, warm, fun with great stories. Thank you for a great and useful course..” John Salceda, Loreto College

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