Managing Performance - Constructively and Effectively


Performance management and giving practical feedback is essential. Learn how to do it effectively.

We often only manage performance when things don’t go as planned. However it is about making expectations clear, giving concise feedback in a timely manner and when it arises and without hesitation, having those ‘difficult’ conversations.

This eLearning course provides you with useful information and ways to not only help you manage but also improve team member performance.

Topics Covered

  • Why managing performance has a negative reputation
  • What performance management is all about and what it’s not about!
  • 6 easy steps on team member performance management
  • How to manage those conversations that are ‘difficult’
  • When something takes a wrong turn – formal disciplinary action
  • Exit Interviews… the why and how
  • Exit Surveys… the benefits from an organisational and employee retention perspective

Suitable for?

  • CEO’s
  • Divisional managers
  • Departmental Managers
  • Supervisors


  • A greater understanding of the importance of Performance Management
  • Knowledge of setting clear work expectations based on behaviour and performance
  • An understanding of how to give useful feedback
  • Knowledge of the steps involved in employee performance management
  • A correct understanding of formal disciplinary action processes
  • Understand why exit interviews and exit surveys are key to a business

Customised eLearning

If you prefer, we can conduct any of courses specifically for your staff at your premises. This may prove to be cost-effective and, of course, we can tailor our programs to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and participants. You can read more here


Peter Holdsworth
Peter Holdsworth

Peter Holdsworth is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s top leadership and management facilitators. With a career leading organisations in the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors, he knows what the challenges are at every level of management and how to meet them.

Underpinning his experience he has post-graduate qualifications in leadership and management, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Churchill fellow.

His training courses are entertaining and full of ideas, tips and techniques that participants can use immediately.

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Managing Performance Webinar - Pathways Human Resources
54 %
of attendees rated their course experience 5/5


“Peter is very engaging, personable and a great story-teller! The course gives a fantastic A-Z of  performance management and is suitable for a broad range of industry types.”
Tasha Clifford, Worksafe


“Great presentation. Peter has lots of energy & enthusiasm that keeps you engaged. I feel that I have lots of information to put into practice.”
Emily Kermac, Paris Financial


Anyone who has staff reporting to them, whether one person or fifty people, it is important to understand how to manage performance constructively and effectively.

Yes, performance management is about setting clear expectations, giving accurate and timely feedback (both positive and negative) and yes, having that ‘difficult’ conversation when it is needed. This eLearning will provide you will all the tools and techniques you need to manage performance constructively and effectively.

You will gain access to a simple 6-step process that will help you to manage team member performance

Yes, you will learn about formal disciplinary action, what it involves, how and when it’s required.

Both exit interviews and surveys are an important part of managing performance and obtaining feedback, whether negative or positive. The importance of the exiting process will be covered within this online course.

Yes, this performance management course will provide you with useful skills and information on how to manage and improve the performance of your team.

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