Financial Literacy For Non-Accountants ... Demystified!


Reading and interpreting financial statements is central to management competency … and it’s not just about budgeting!

This eLearning course will teach how to read, analyse and interpret the 3 main financial statements that all companies regularly generate and you don’t need to be an accountant.

Using easy-to-understand non-jargon, you will grasp it!

Topics Covered

  • 3 major financial statements
  • Balance sheet/statement of financial position
  • Income/profit or loss statement
  • The cash-flow statement
  • The meaning of some common financial terms
  • Auditors and their role
  • The importance of financial literacy for both your career and company

Suitable for?

  • Members of the Board
  • Chief Executive Officer’s
  • Managers – Divisional and Departmental
  • Supervisors


  • Understand the 3 major financial statements
  • Understand the company’s financial health from interpreting these statements
  • Knowledge of the preparation process of annual accounts
  • Knowledge about the role of auditors and selecting a good one

Customised eLearning

If you prefer, we can conduct any of courses specifically for your staff at your premises. This may prove to be cost-effective and, of course, we can tailor our programs to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and participants. You can read more here


Peter Holdsworth
Peter Holdsworth

Peter Holdsworth is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s top leadership and management facilitators. With a career leading organisations in the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors, he knows what the challenges are at every level of management and how to meet them.

Underpinning his experience he has post-graduate qualifications in leadership and management, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Churchill fellow.

His training courses are entertaining and full of ideas, tips and techniques that participants can use immediately.

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Financial Literacy eLearning
54 %
of attendees rated their course experience 5/5


“Excellent! A lot better than expected!”
Sheila Kushe, QLS


“Very useful, relevant and I appreciate referring to our own accounts.”
Emily Elst, Hoxton MPM


Yes, this financial literacy course will discuss financial lingo and provide detailed explanations for you to be able to use frequently and with confidence.

Yes, this eLearning will teach you how to interpret the three primary financial statements that all companies produce on a regular basis.

If you are in the accounts department or a division or department manager etc., it is essential for you to understand the financial health of your company for you to be able to make ongoing assessments. This session will provide you with great financial insights that you can use within any career.

Anyone who is involved in making a financial decision for the company; this includes members of the board, CEO’s, managers, and supervisors.

Yes, if you can obtain your companies financial statements, this would be very useful for you to work off within the online course.

This financial literacy course will set you up with the financial management basics; it is an excellent introduction into financial management. Also, you always have the opportunity to ask questions in the session and after.

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