Exceptional customer service … a practical 'How To' guide


Your personal and professional success depends highly on how well you meet the needs of your customers, clients and colleagues. Getting it right can result in long-term relationships, but getting it wrong may result in a personal and professional setback.

Your ‘customers’ may be prospective or current clients, patients, colleagues, managers, or any other stakeholders. This eLearning session provides practical and transferable skills and techniques to ensure you are delivering service excellence, have valuable customer interactions and are establishing a positive customer experience.

Topics Covered

  • Dimensions & fundamentals of best practice service excellence
  • Customer & stakeholder expectations, requirements, and satisfaction
  • Service mindset – organisational purpose, values, culture, and behaviours
  • Communication and conflict skills – How to de-escalate challenging situations

Suitable for?

  • Customer and client service leaders and managers
  • Customer and client service team members
  • Anyone who requires to build rapport and maintain good relationships with customers and clients


  • Understand the power of empathy and how it helps you to connect with customers
  • Know how to identify your customer’s needs, desires, and wants
  • Understand how to communicate professionally, positively, with integrity, trust, and diplomacy
  • Ability to handle ‘challenging’ customers and how to leave them satisfied

Customised eLearning

If you prefer, we can conduct any of courses specifically for your staff at your premises. This may prove to be cost-effective and, of course, we can tailor our programs to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and participants. You can read more here


Wendy Jocum Headshot
Wendy Jocum

Wendy is experienced in supporting teams and individuals to engage their internal and external stakeholders, to build relationships and results.

She delivers practical skills through engaging virtual and in person sessions, to develop participant confidence in interacting with their clients/customers, delivering service excellence and providing a positive customer experience.

Communicating professionally, with credibility and diplomacy is at the heart of customer service. Wendy is passionate about sharing techniques for people to connect with customers, show empath, understand their needs, while being politely assertive and achieving customer satisfaction, even in challenging situations.

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54 %
of attendees rated their course experience 5/5


“Valuable and insightful information and great presenter. Thank you.” Melissa Brennan, Mission Australia


“A great course! Full of useful tips and strategies. Great job, Wendy! Many thanks!”
David Perry, Hunter H2O


Any and all, from current or potential clients, customers, patients, colleagues, managers and any other stakeholders, this course provide in-depth learnings and insights that are transferable no matter what industry you're in or who your client or customer base is.

Attendees don't have to hold a specific job position. If you liaise with customers at any stage of their journey with your business, from the first interaction to last, this course provides skills to ensure you are delivery service excellence and have valuable interactions with clients.

Absolutely! Being able to manage and de-escalate challenging situations with customers is an essential part of providing exceptional customer service. Within this vital topic, you will gain tips and techniques on how to effectively handle challenging clients and be able to ask questions on particular situations.

Yes, this eLearning will teach you how to communicate with customers professionally and positively while building a rapport, showing empathy, and developing trust to provide your clients with a positive experience and their desired outcomes.

If you want to provide exceptional customer service, then a positive experience is a must. This course will give your staff the ability to clearly identify client's needs, provide solutions and have valuable interactions creating a positive customer experience.

This course covers everything you need to know about having quality customer interactions. Gain techniques that will assist in easily, effectively and positively identifying client's needs, building a lasting rapport and leave them satisfied with your service and their experience.

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