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With employees being the backbone of any company, company performance and success, it’s crucial to understand how they feel about the company, their work, culture and more. Do you know how your employees really feel?

Knowing what your employees are thinking and feeling about your company is the first, crucial step in developing a culture that values employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

A professionally designed and administered survey will provide you with detailed results and analytics that will give you the knowledge you need to boost productivity, reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, improve morale and build a great corporate culture.

The ‘Your Say’ online survey platform is a cutting-edge tool that is the result of a close partnership between Pathways Australia HR Solutions and Qualtrics, one of the world’s leading designers of employee engagement and satisfaction applications. Our approach results in high rates of survey participation as the platform is easy to use and employees feel safe to express their views.

Survey Focuses
Features & Benefits
  • Understand the major drivers of employee engagement, satisfaction

  • Learn how your employees think and feel about your company and their work

  • Compare your results with your industry average

  • Set up is easy and completed by our team

  • It’s online, easy for employees to access and only takes 15 minutes to complete

  • Employee anonymity is 100% guaranteed

  • Online and hardcopy reports provide detailed analytics and analysis that can be segregated by departments, work type, location and other demographics

  • A post-survey consultation with a Pathways Australia HR Solutions expert

Why Us?


Companies use the The ‘Your Say’ Survey platform because of the profound insights it produces


The Survey can be tailored to meet your specific requirements


Our fees are about 50% less than our competitors

User friendly

You and your employees will find the tool easy to use

24/7 support

We are always on hand to provide you with support and advice whenever you need us. 

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