Emotional Intelligence - The Secret of Life & Leadership Success


Do you want to develop your abilities to develop great relationships and relate to people more effectively?
Within this one-day course, you will learn and understand the four components of emotional intelligence, and how improving your emotional intelligence skills can make you more effective in professional and personal relationships.

Topics Covered

  • Understand what emotional intelligence is
  • How emotional intelligence can often matter more than IQ
  • Understand the four crucial elements in developing more emotional intelligence
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Developing self-control
  • Building your awareness of others
  • Building and maintaining relationships

Suitable for?

  • CEO’s and senior executives
  • Individuals wanting to enhance their interpersonal skills
  • Individuals who find it challenging to develop and retain quality relationships
  • Anyone wishing to become a more effective leader and team member


  • Deep interpersonal insights and understandings of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Strong and proven strategies to being more emotionally intelligent
  • An improved capacity to lead and manage people effectively
  • Enhanced happiness and confidence in all areas of your life

In-house Courses

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Wendy Jocum
Wendy Jocum

Wendy Jocum has been working with people on time management for over 20 years. With experience as an accredited coach and facilitator,  Wendy’s expertise in all areas of people development (individual and teams) and organisational psychology.

Wendy has strong capabilities, knowledge and experience into the best transferable time management practices and strategies. Encompassing Training and Development, Human Resources, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, neuroscience and Leadership. She is certified in many behavioural psychometric tools for communication, emotional intelligence, leadership and teamwork.

Her courses, both online and face to face, are practical, informative, engaging and interactive.



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Emotional intelligence Course - Pathways Human Resources
54 %
of attendees rated their course experience 5/5


“Very insightful and can take a lot away from today’s session. 10/10 – would highly recommend.”
Tayla Brekelmans, AMP Services Ltd.


“Professional and applicable model to the workplace. Intuitive ideas to different work situations and to improve working relationships.”
Pascale Kirk, Milestone Group

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