A survival guide for dealing with 'difficult' humans!


We’ve all been in either a work or social situation where we have forcefully needed to interact with a “difficult” person. Most of us would rather eat glass than have to spend time dealing with people who are difficult.

The great news is that there are useful and effective solutions to use as a manager when dealing with these challenging types.

This eLearning course will give you the knowledge and useful tools you will need!

Topics Covered

  • Why some people have bad behaviour at work?
  • How to recognise bad behaviour
  • Nine steps to resolving bad behaviour, which includes:
  • Setting clear standards of behaviour
  • How to go about having a discussion
  • When the discussion is over …. What next?
  • Formal disciplinary action
    …and more

Suitable for?

  • CEOs & Senior Leaders
  • HR Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Anyone dealing with difficult people and their behaviours


  • Knowledge on how to identify poor behaviour
  • An understanding on why some people behave poorly
  • Knowledge and understanding on how to execute the essential nine-step resolution process

Customised eLearning

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Peter Holdsworth
Peter Holdsworth

Peter Holdsworth is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s top leadership and management facilitators. With a career leading organisations in the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors, he knows what the challenges are at every level of management and how to meet them.

Underpinning his experience he has post-graduate qualifications in leadership and management, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Churchill fellow.

His training courses are entertaining and full of ideas, tips and techniques that participants can use immediately.

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54 %
of attendees rated their course experience 5/5


Fantastic! Really helpful … introduced me to new concepts that I have not heard of before. I think it will be helpful in helping me plan my next conflict situation.”
Kirsten Gault, Genea


“Great presentation. Peter has lots of energy & enthusiasm that keeps you engaged. I feel that I have lots of information to put into practice.”
Emily Kermac, Paris Financial


This session will outline some of the most common difficult behaviours within the workplace and how to manage these behaviours effectively.

Confrontation isn’t easy or comfortable for many people, but this eLearning will equip you with techniques and strategies to ensure you have the right approach and confidence you need to do it effectively.

Yes, this course includes a topic dedicated to why people behave badly and why their behaviours are considered bad or inappropriate for the workplace.

Although managers often deal with difficult people more often, this eLearning is beneficial for anyone who is required to either put up with or deal with bad behaviour from others within the workplace.

It will assist you in understanding what is classified as bad or difficult behaviours and how to manage those behaviours in a professional and constructive manner.

Absolutely, this is not just a managing people course. This course is suitable for anyone dealing with difficult people and their behaviours.

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