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We all have customers, clients and colleagues and your personal and professional success will depend largely on how well you meet their needs. Getting it right may lead to a long-term relationship but getting it wrong can result in a personal and business loss.

This course will delve deep into the most important aspects of providing exceptional customer service, whether your ‘customer’ is a potential or existing client, team member, manager or any other stakeholder. Gain insightful knowledge and practical skills for effective customer interactions, delivering service excellence and creating a positive customer experience.

Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals and dimensions of best practice service excellence
  • Stakeholder and customer expectations, needs and satisfaction
  • Having a service mindset – company purpose, culture, values and behaviours
  • Conflict and communication skills to de-escalate challenging situations

Suitable for?

  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • Customer Service team members
  • Anyone who builds and maintains a client/customer base


  • A deep understanding of how the power of empathy can help you connect with customers
  • A greater ability to identify what are your customer’s real needs, desires and wants
  • Understand how to communicate positively, professionally, with credibility, trust and diplomacy
  • In-depth knowledge on how to deal with ‘challenging’ customers and leave them satisfied

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Wendy Jocum
Wendy Jocum

With experience as an accredited coach and facilitator,  Wendy’s experience lies within all areas of personal development for individuals, teams and leaders.

Wendy has strong capabilities and knowledge encompassing organisational planning and development, Human Resources, Training, Coaching and organisational psychology. Wendy is dedicated and passionate about her career and helping others achieve new heights.


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“Lots of new ideas and techniques that I can look to implement at work on a daily basis. Interactive was good and learning from others.”
David Wright, Elantis Premium


“Learned some very interesting and thought-provoking ideas and strategies. Material was good.”
David Martin, Optiver

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